We expect two different kinds of results,tangibles and intangibles.We expect to obtain:

Tangible results:

1.Students products:

  • Short film sor documentals produced by students
  • Catalogue of anti-stereotype phrases
  • Vocabulary for equality education
  • Lyrics of song
  • Feminist organization dossier.
  • Final report and conclusions

2.Teachers products:

  • Good practices book
  • Dictionary for equality
  • Dossier with law differences between women and men
  • Final report with all results and conclusions

Intangible results:

Students will develop methods of self-knowledge and objective self –assessment in relation to the needs and values of society.

Communication that promotes relations of trust,mutual and respect and empathic attitudes will be reinforced due to the Project.

They will learn to manage ,express and accept their emotions and feelings.Girls will increase their self-esteem.

They also realize that they can play a vital role in battling discrimination and gender violence because they are future European citizens.

They will be more open -minded about others and change their gender stereotypes.

Accomodated in host families the students will enrich their knowledge about other cultures ,lifestyles and other ways of relating.They will learn that there are many more things that unite differentiate each other.

They will improve the communicative competence in a foreign language ,especially in English.

The permanent communication with the partners will help students develop their own system with reference to the European one.

Teachers will become familiar with other educational systems and they will be able to implement tose educational and didactic experiences that proved to be effecient in terms of modify our educational system reducing or eliminating gender stereotypes.They will develop new strategies and interactive skills in the teacher/ pupil relationship.

Teachers will be more open- minded about others and wary of stereotypes and realize the assets of speaking another language.They will be able to compare the specific values and universal values with other teenagers from the partner schools from a comparative perspective beneficial for the intercultural dialogue.

They will improve their competence in a foreign language and increase and enable them to create links with partners.